Tailor-made bathrobes

A bathrobe is not just a comfortable, homely garment - a bathrobe sewn from good quality materials can mean chic and elegance. We offer unique, tailor-made women's bathrobes.

Women's tailored chiffon bathrobe

To look glamorous at any time of the day or night, it is worth enriching your closet with a bathrobe sewn from chiffon. Chiffon fabrics are characterized by extraordinary lightness and airiness, so you will feel like in a second skin in our bathrobe. Gently translucent fabric makes the bathrobe airy, so it will be perfect for sultry summer nights.

Tailor-made satin bathrobe

Satin is a material that is very soft and pleasant to the touch. It sits beautifully on the body, and the effect of light reflection in the gently shiny material adds sophistication to the bathrobe. Lace decorative trim makes a woman look like a real princess in it.

Each of our tailored women 's bathrobe has an elegant elastic waistband. Tied at the waist, it beautifully accentuates a woman's curves and makes her feel attractive and special no matter what time it is.