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Bespoke bras
Any bust, regardless of size, can look beautiful. The key to success is a well-fitting bra. Adjustable and providing support for the breasts, underwire can work wonders.
Adjustable bra for a better fit
In order to perfectly adjust the bra to the figure, the straps and the circumference can be equipped with several steps of adjustment. With the ability to change the circumference and length of the straps, the bra will fit even more snugly to the figure. In addition, this effect can be increased by choosing models with sewn-in underwire, which wonderfully support the bust.
Decorated bra fastens at the front or back
For lovers of classic solutions, there are tailored bras that fasten at the back. Depending on your needs, we use single- or three-row hooks in our products. There are also bras with a convenient front clasp. For ladies with a taste for more ornate models, we suggest bras with an interesting lace back, straps at the bust or decorated with wide lace.