Tailor-made lingerie sets
Lingerie, although hidden under clothing, should be well-fitted to a woman's figure and taste. So it is worth ensuring that our closet includes comfortable, yet tasteful sets of underwear.
Delicate lingerie sets for every day
Our tailor-made lingerie sets are made from the finest materials. We put the comfort of our customers on a par with quality. Therefore, regardless of the cut of the bra or panties, the priority for us is comfort. We use lace and thin mesh for sewing bottoms and thongs. The bras feature elastic bands and soft piping. As a result, our lingerie sets are very sensual, and at the same time can be freely worn on a daily basis.
Bespoke lingerie sets with unique accessories
We also offer lingerie sets that include unique accessories. For bolder women, we offer sexy sets complete with a thigh belt. Matching lingerie bathrobes, sewn from chiffon or satin cotton, are also available. No matter what size you wear or whether you prefer soft bras, those with underwire, or whether you are more likely to wear panties or thongs, there is no shortage of sets perfect for you in our offer.