Bespoke accessories
Thigh strap for panties
Thigh straps for panties bring to mind the association with sexy nightwear. They are its extravagant complement, which adds a predatory touch to the sets of panties and bras.
Sensual thigh belt for panties
The black piping and elastic bands used to sew the thigh straps look beautiful on any figure. Juxtaposed with delicate lace in burgundy, they create an extremely sensual effect. The black-colored metal elements meld with the color of the belt, so they do not interfere with the aesthetics of the whole.
Thigh strap to panties for romantic women
Another belt model available from us is a product ideal for women with a romantic soul. We used cream-colored trimmings and high-quality elastic to sew the belts, combining them with red floral embroidery to create a product that exudes delicacy. Fine patterns embroidered with gold thread and metal elements also in gold, add to the underwear’s chic and elegant look.

Each of our thigh strap for panties is adjustable in circumference, so you can adjust it to your body with the greatest precision.